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525 SQ FT

Great Room / Photo-Op

Eclectic lobby and event space with a modern "Rock 'n Roll Chic" vibe. Stylish and roomy entrance area for your friends, family, and co-workers to do their rounds and mingle, grab a drink at the wet bar, hang out with other guests on comfy chairs and couches, or watch something from the large installed projector (movies, slideshows, montages, even TikTok videos if you dare)! It can be used equally as a central lounging area or as a main event hall for your special occasion.

572 SQ FT


What special-event venue also offers you a fabulous lounge to kick your feet up, have a chill conversation, sip a cocktail, and relax with your buds-all in the comfort of a calming, tranquil room AT the actual venue? We do, of course! With a vibe that is completely distinctive and chic, you and your guests can chill on the oversized couches, unwind on the super-soft shag carpets, dine under a gorgeous crystalette chandelier at the glamorous Klismos dinner table, or simply relax with your feet up in front of the retro fireplace. Where 1960s design meets an ultra-trendy modern brutalist style, our "groovy" lounge will soon become your new favorite spot to hang out, right here at Odyssey 21.

288 SQ FT


The retro-rocker style is not limited to just the event space at Odyssey 21 we also have one kick-a** kitchen available for use at your shindig, too! With a full-sized fridge and icemaker, microwave, stove, dishwasher, coffee maker, and tons of cabinet and counter space included, this room proves to be an absolute Godsend. Take the stress out of having to cart your cuisine all across town, and use this space to reheat your delish appetizers, chill your bubbly drink, and prepare your delightful deserts all right in the heart of the facility. Includes a lockable side prep room where you can easily store tables, the kitchen chairs, and other items being used for the event.

220 SQ FT

Game Room

You may never know how competitive you can become until you've entered a room with vintage pinball machines with a bunch of your friends, and unlimited play. Forget the quarters these retro-designed pinball machines are all ready to go and will tickle the fancies of both amateurs to enthusiasts. Into less "athletic" entertainment? Check out the vintage Frogger sit-down gaming station, and prepare yourself for an all-out battle with your fellow gamers.

280 SQ FT

Pool Room

A gorgeous, bright red full-sized modern pool table is the magnificent centerpiece of this private room. It is perfect for pool tournaments with the most ardent of players, as well as friendly games with your besties alike. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, this brightly lit room also offers blackout curtains so you can help your guests better focus on the match being played. And clear, colorful, glittery pool balls add that singular special touch that you just won't find anywhere else.

220 SQ FT

Multi-Purpose Room

A "blank slate" never looked as sunny and joyful as it does in our sunflower-yellow Multi-Purpose Room. This empty room can convert quickly and effortlessly into whatever specialty-themed zone you would like it to become! Safely and securely isolated from the main event space (but still centralized in the venue), this room is absolutely perfect to be transformed into a Casino Room, Silent Auction, Product Display, Photo Booth, or even a Bedroom/Hotel room for Fashion Photography. Your imagination is limitless with all of the ways you could use this fantastic climate-controlled, separated area for your upcoming party, event, or video/photo production.

720 SQ FT

Odyssey Terrace

This incredible, entirely indoor "chill zone" is one of the most distinctive areas of the facility, and truly puts the "O!" in Odyssey 21. In a completely covered section of the building, this charming plant and hedge-filled area has meandering stone pathways, hanging chairs, festoon lighting, and speakers playing ambient music to give your guests a genuinely immersive experience. It's a wonderful place to have a more intimate drink and chat with your buds all in a separate, more relaxed environment.

1800 SQ FT

Add-On Event Spaces A + B

Wanna add a gorgeous and spacious area to your event, to truly allow your funky selves to let loose? Our “Optional Add-On Event Spaces A + B” will give you over 1800 square feet of dancin’, drinkin’, vibin’ space where you can “just be you.” Connected to our one-of-a-kind Odyssey Terrace, you can add one or both regions to your event-- providing you with room for all of the extra mischief and mayhem that you and your guests plan on getting into. These areas come with dramatic 48” disco balls spinning from above, colorful lighting and dynamic laser lights shooting all around, and a convenient area to set up your bar that is central to the festivities. Have your DJ pump up all of your favorite jams so you can get things really grooving on this super fabulous dance floor. Your friends will soon be saying “What happens in Odyssey 21, stays in Odyssey 21…”

900 SQ FT

Garden Patio

When a little fresh air is on the agenda, we are proud to offer a charming outdoor area that will provide your event with a park-like setting in the heart of the city. Fully enclosed, this charming grassy area is surrounded by trees, bushes, and flowering plants, and also boasts a picnic round table with a sunshade included for those wanting to have their snack outside. It's the ideal place for you and your guests to relish in some Southern California sunshine, throw a mouthwatering bbq, or simply enjoy some quiet time watching the various little wild birds flutter around their bird feeders and bird bath.

480 SQ FT

Entertainment Den

Looking to get your groove on...? We've got ya covered! Our brand new dance and karaoke club has the total package - an elevated dance floor, a mirrorball, a truss and light grid, and of course a state-of-the-art sound system for your DJ to spin their tunes and get your guests movin' and groovin'. Perfect place to capture all of those fabulously embarrassing moments you will want to relive again and again later on (hellooo internet - #Odyssey21danceandkaraoke). The party doesn't really start until your friends begin to sing and dance!

288 SQ FT

Production Offices

Party and Event Planners can keep all of their paperwork and technology (laptops, phones, tablets) safeguarded in this on-site detached 288 sq. ft. office suite. Or you can lock away gifts, swag, or booze in this central—yet separated—area of the venue.

Production Offices
72 SQ FT

Cameo Spa Room

Disconnected from the main hall bathrooms, this Cameo Bathroom is like stepping into your own tranquil spa. Perfect as a dressing area for the bride, groom, or other guest/s of honor, this remarkable space can also be reserved (and locked) for "staff only." It not only contains another toilet and sink, but also features a stunning and spacious enclosed shower, too. For those who may need to freshen up after a long day of traveling, or to be able to offer a special private bathroom for VIPs of the event, this is an extraordinary attribute not typically offered.

Ample Modern Restrooms

These two ample-sized modern restrooms can either be divided by gender or gender neutral, it’s completely up to you! Gorgeous décor will appeal to your guests’ sense of style, and the unique tiling and color scheme gives these bathrooms a beautiful, contemporary vibe.

Full Laundry Room

Do your special guests need to do a quick load, or hand wash a tough stain out of your linens—while waiting for the party to start? We offer a 66 sq. ft. laundry room with washer, dryer, and a hand-washing sink to help with any type of washing emergency that might pop up.

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